Is the B2B world ready for Snapchat aka Snap Inc?

Last weekend, CEO of Snapchat, Imran Khan announced a rebrand of his company, complete with a new name, product, and vision. Has this changed anything for B2B marketeers?

Reborn as Snap Inc, spectacles are the new offering from the company that took the digital world by storm in recent times with their messaging and multimedia app. The new name is a reflection of the brand’s attempt to reposition itself as a camera company and shout that they are not just a one trick messaging pony.

Hence the creation of one of the world’s smallest wireless cameras integrated into a range of coral, teal and black glasses, which upload content directly to Snapchat and will be available for a limited run. Spectacles could be Snap Inc’s foray into the world of fashion, virtual reality, or as cynics may say, it could well be a publicity stunt (teal sunglasses in Autumn?!). Or perhaps it’s simply a reflection of the Big Brother world we all live in now where it’s now acceptable to walk around with cameras attached to our faces.

But with around 10 million daily users in Britain, Snap Inc is not to be ignored. So how can brands, especially B2B companies, embrace the power of Snapchat and potentially its spectacles?

Using Snapchat for business isn’t for every brand. However, if your target audience is between 18-24 and having a fun, informal channel, fits into your brand identity and marketing strategy then it could be for you. With people becoming increasingly irritated with a constant bombardment of advertising messages, Snapchat is a space where brands can build trust and relationships with their fans in a fun and casual way- especially as they choose to add you.

Ways in which B2B companies can use Snapchat include showcasing live events or conferences, telling stories behind the brand, or using it as an effective recruitment tool.

For instance, Hootsuite uses video on Snapchat to present its content in an engaging fashion, encouraging viewers to screenshot it as it plays.

Cisco has used Snapchat to capture events and show the fun side of their company while showcasing and involving employees. 

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