Top tips for a tasty launch event

Tapas, guest lists, and Nottingham’s hottest new restaurant were on the menu for Cartwright with the exclusive VIP launch of Bar Iberico. Following her experience of managing the event, Rebecca spills the beans on how to create a tasty launch.

1. It’s all about the VIPs

Bar Iberico is perfectly located in Hockley, Nottingham - a thriving area for young professionals. We were determined to create a buzz; this meant getting out and about as well as spending hours on the phone with the media and various movers and shakers. The result was a guest list to die for.

2. Triple-check the guest list

Hundreds of people from bankers to bloggers had been invited and it was our job to make sure everyone and their plus one were accounted for. Checking (and re-checking) the guest list helped the team to determine numbers, prepare catering, and avoid awkward exchanges at the door.

3. Make sure the food is flowing

At every launch event, there will be a huddle of hungry guests loitering near the kitchen, determined to intercept every waiter that passes them by. Whilst their enthusiasm for your food should be rewarded, it’s important that everyone gets chance to sample your wares. Make sure your serving staff aren’t being cornered to keep everyone happy. 

4. Shout socially

Something that may seem obvious but can be forgotten without a good PR team; give yourself plenty of time to shout about the event before and afterwards. VIP guests can be your biggest supporters and social media is a key form of promotion. Do everything in your power to encourage guests to share, tweet, and post.

5. It isn’t all about the launch night

Always remember, a good restaurant doesn’t have to live or die by its launch night. Drawing a crowd is fantastic for generating a buzz but equally valuable is consistent awareness after the big night. The support of key journalists and bloggers, all kept informed and engaged by your PR agency, can mean full tables for months to come.