How to populate your 2019 social media content calendars

Wondering what to tweet, Facebook or Instagram about this year? We've created a FREE social media content calendar to help you out. James Dixon, our head of digital, explains more.

If you’ve ever stared at a blank 31 box grid thinking just what is there to post about this month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest et al and not at some point wanted to cry then you’re a better social media manager than I ever was.

The possibilities are boundless, potentially paralysingly so.

We advise our clients to follow an 80/20 model in their content marketing efforts – 80% of social content should aim to be engaging and interesting because social media should be social.

Shockingly, people aren’t primarily using social media to get your discount offer or white paper.

Your 80% content gives you permission to push the 20% of content that is about sales, lead generation or calls to action.

It can help tell a brand story by showing people your values and passions but it’s primary aim is to fulfil the mission Lord Reith bestowed on the BBC… inform, educate, entertain.

The exact balance between information, education and entertainment will depend on your tone of voice.

Not everyone can be Innocent, but most can learn from the brand.

But that doesn’t answer what should be in the 80%, I hear you ask.


That answer to that depends on your brand, your sector, your platforms, your audiences, influencers in your field that you’ve engaged with, seasonality, your resource dedicated to content creation, community management and a host of other factors too numerous to list.

However, a key component of creating a content calendar is knowing what trends and events are likely to surface on social media in any given month.

If you know what your fans are likely to be interested in, you can engage with them and also attract new followers to your channels by showing that you care about what they care about.

Important social media days in 2019

We looked for a good list of social media events and trends that we’re likely to see in 2019 – and we didn’t find one.

They were either too Americanised, full of hashtags that no real people use or a big copy and paste jobs with a lot of outdated information.

Call me a cynic, but I really don’t think the hashtag for this year’s Earth Day is going to be #EarthDay2016.

In the end we had to create one

We initially created the calendar for ourselves to help our research and planning for the clients we support with their social media channels and content but then we thought why hoard all this good stuff?

Our list is:

  • Meaningful – it only includes social media events that have real world cut through
  • Up to date – with the right hashtags and everything
  • UK specific – it won’t have you posting about Mother’s Day in May
  • Free – or should that be FREE!

And if it means one less brand posts using #WorshipOfTools on National Worship of Tools Day (Monday 11th March as if you didn’t know) then the internet will be a better place.

To download our 2019 social media content calendar please click here.

By James Dixon

James has over 10 years' digital communications experience, he has worked for major brands like Sky and Unilever as well as NGOs like Drinkaware & Sightsavers. His expertise is digital strategy, content marketing and social media for business.