Five ways to go green at work

Junior account executive and office eco warrior Nancy Collins-Burgess shares her five top tips on how to make your work place more sustainable.

It’s time to take action

Whether it be those heinous photographs of plastic filled oceans or David Attenborough’s constant plea to save to the planet, more and more of us are now feeling the pressure to turn eco-friendly.

With only 12 years to turn it around, it’s time to bring the fight against climate change into the office.

To make it easier, we’ve put together five top tips for turning your office green.

1.Recycle, recycle, recycle

While most offices manage to recycle paper waste at work, it is not always clear what to do with the rest of your waste.

To avoid confusion, make clear and concise signs for the bins to make sure materials end up in the correct place – eg. plastic, glass, paper.

It is also a great idea to remove personal desk bins, which are usually used for general waste and therefore often get missed when it comes to separating rubbish from recyclables.

Instead, have a set of bins that are clearly labelled for everyone to use to make sure all waste is recycled!

2. Try to go paperless

While some offices, like civil and structural engineering company Dice, are able to (quite impressively) go almost completely paperless, we understand that for most offices this can be difficult.

However, we have tried to make an effort to drastically cut down on paper usage and you can too!

For example, instead of wasting printing for internal meetings, iPads and laptops can be used to look at documents and make notes instead.

You can also make all of your internal admin electronic, so instead of printing annual leave requests or return to work forms fill out the documents on a computer and email them across.

3. Enjoy the benefits of desk plants

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside and improve the aesthetics of the office by investing in desk plants.

Not only does this make the workplace look good, but desk plants also improve indoor air quality by producing more oxygen to offset any chemicals released by new office furniture.

Cleaner air makes for a happier and healthier work environment so it’s a win-win!

4. Make the move to eco-friendly products

Investigate the possibility of transitioning to recycled notebooks, recycled toilet paper, glass bottled milk, reusable soap dispensers and anything else that can be swapped for a more sustainable alternative.

You can also make the move to more eco-friendly solutions online. Ecosia is a search engine that donates all of its profits from advertising to planting trees.

For every 45 searches, they are able to plant one tree and keep count for you so you can see the impact you have made.

It’s a really simple way to get the office to take steps towards preventing climate change with minimal effort.

5. Appoint a ‘green champion’ to make sure the changes stick

It’s all good and well getting people on board with these changes, but the hard part is making sure these changes are implemented on a day to day basis.

By appointing a green champion – or a group of green champions – to help monitor these eco-friendly changes, you can make sure the commitments are upheld to the full extent.

Keep a watchful eye over paper usage, remind people to bring in desk plants and make sure waste is recycled properly.

Although some may not fully appreciate the impact of your commitment, David A will applaud you – what more could you possibly want?

By Nancy Collins-Burgess

Nancy is currently working as an account executive during her first year at Cartwright Communications. She is responsible for working on both B2B and B2C accounts, providing digital support across the company and enhancing the business' brand through campaigns and social media management.