How to make use of national days and holidays to support consumer PR

Utilising nationals days and holidays throughout the year can really make your consumer PR campaign more successful and help to secure great pieces of coverage. Account executive Anastasia Smith tells us how to make use of key national days and build those all important media relations.

Considering the bigger picture with national days

When planning PR consumer campaigns, it’s important to utilise national days and holidays throughout the year. These are great times to secure coverage and it’s a really simple way of boosting a consumer PR campaign.

Journalist reviews

It’s important to get in early with magazine gift guides, especially in the run up to Christmas. We’ll spend time actively pitching to journalist requests and inviting them to visit attractions or sending products for review. It helps to build all important relationships early on in the year, keeping key journalists up to date with new products and service launches.


We tend to send a lot of product samples to journalists therefore our team will start pitching for magazine product pages well in advance, for example, leading up to Christmas we’ll start contacting journalists two to three months beforehand. To ensure we are pitching to the correct journalists, we keep on top of current features/news by buying copies of magazines and newspapers and having a read. This gives us a better understanding of what journalists are writing about and whether the campaign is going to be right for that publication.

During the run up to Christmas, we pitched the Facial-Flex®, a device that is clinically proven to tone and tighten the muscles in your face, neck and chin, to national journalists for their Christmas gift guides. We managed to successfully secure coverage in The Telegraph, after six months of liaising, as well as coverage in Glamour (Instagram), The Mirror, Choice and Woman’s Weekly and have built up great rapports with key national journalists.

Bloggers and influencers

Liaising with bloggers and influencers is a great way of securing a lot of content, especially as they are likely to be writing about seasonal products and challenges during national days.

It helps to create a list of relevant bloggers to target, for example, our theme parks are targeted at mummy bloggers and our food & drink clients are targeted at foodie/lifestyle bloggers. It makes life much easier when we have already built relationships with these bloggers, that way we can work with them for a review and seamlessly obtain coverage.

Family days out are a big request during school holidays and Christmas time, what works really well for us is inviting bloggers as well as journalists, especially broadcast, to come and visit the park for filming/recording. Interviewing staff and customers in the run up to the festivities is particularly nice for family Christmas pieces.

During our Cornish New potato campaign for national potato supplier, Branston, we sent out samples of Cornish New potatoes to a number of social media influencers which reached 796,551 people on Instagram.

Top tip: If you’re getting content in exchange for a product or a day out, it helps to be clear and specific of what exactly the blogger is going to receive, what content you want in exchange and a deadline.

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By Anastasia Smith

Anastasia has experience in video creation, design and event management. She is responsible for creating engaging content, evaluating social strategies and providing digital support.