The new LinkedIn Pages experience: coming soon to the UK

This past week, LinkedIn launched its new Pages experience. Senior account manager Ash Dhindsa gives us a useful heads up of what you can expect and what will change.

LinkedIn’s updated Pages feature is currently being rolled out in the U.S. and will be available to the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

Why LinkedIn?

With more than 500 million global members and 80% of all B2B social media marketing leads coming through the platform, LinkedIn has secured its position as the best social media platform for businesses to find and connect with potential prospects.

That’s why many marketers and communications professionals use the platform – it is the world’s largest professional network, as you will see here:


In summary, the updates to LinkedIn Pages are designed to allow brands, organisations and businesses to create more conversations and active communities with customers, employees and followers.

LinkedIn wants to make it easier for you to manage and share content, as well as introducing better integration with popular social media management tools such as Hootsuite.

So, what’s new?

Respond to comments and join conversations on the go

If you’re an admin of a LinkedIn company page, you will be able to post updates and respond to comments ‘on the go’ using LinkedIn’s mobile app for iOS and Android.

Admins will also be able to associate their Page with hashtags, so they can listen in and respond to conversations happening about their brand or relevant topics on LinkedIn.

If you’re a community manager, LinkedIn understands the importance of using various third party tools – it takes more than one brick to build a house (so to speak).

Therefore it will be implementing better integration within Hootsuite – which is something you’ll probably be glad to hear.

Admins can now receive notifications within Hootsuite when there is activity on their LinkedIn Page.

Find and share content that matters

We know that businesses sharing content at least twice weekly achieve a 2x improvement in their engagement.

A little tip: the current LinkedIn algorithm wants to see company pages sharing useful visual and video content that keeps professionals within the site so although your marketing goal might be to drive people to your website, think carefully about the number of times you include a link in your posts.

I’m not saying avoid links altogether but pick the right moments to send people to your website or a useful resource elsewhere on the web.

One of the main new features will be a ‘content suggestions’ tab, which will suggest relevant content for you to share with customers and followers within the platform.

Here’s a snapshot of what it will look like:


You will also be given the power to share documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and PDFs “to tell richer and more compelling brand stories”, according to Sparsh Agarwal from LinkedIn.

While visual and video content has always been important – giving your posts greater engagement and visibility – you can use this new feature in so many ways and capture audiences with pieces of visual design within LinkedIn rather than them having to go elsewhere.

For example, you might be releasing a new piece of research or a white paper and could provide your followers with a sample on LinkedIn.

Empowering your people

This is a really interesting feature that will be coming your way.

You will be able to directly share and engage with your employees’ content from a company page. See the example below:

The new ‘share with employees’ option allows you to directly build engagement with your people.

It will be part of a suite of tools to help companies connect with their employees on the platform.

Now we’re not saying all internal communications within an organisation becomes redundant because you can sing praises, respond and re-share within LinkedIn, but it’s a good way to build your online presence and humanise your company page.

After all, people do business with people and as human beings, we’re interested in other people as faces of the brand.

You will be able to share content such as product reviews, customer testimonials and showcase the conversations people are having about your brand.

Stay tuned: there will be more from us in the coming weeks when the new features become available in the UK and we will provide a brief ‘how-to’ use the new LinkedIn Pages.

For now, at least you’re ahead of the curve!

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By Ash Dhindsa

Ash has experience in both B2B and B2C PR strategy, working with national and international brands across a wide-range of sectors, from professional services and construction to retail and education. Driven by results, Ash has managed a number of successful integrated campaigns – including media relations, social and SEO.