Remote working: ways to upskill at home

Account director Annie Brafield looks at ways that we can use our enforced move to homeworking amid the Covid-19 pandemic effectively and different ways to upskill your team.

Working from home: an opportunity to upskill

As more and more organisations get used to remote working, we look at ways in which it could be used as an opportunity to upskill and how to work more effectively both now and into the future.

Just a couple of weeks ago, remote working was far from the norm for most businesses but it has become the default for many due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. Following government advice for people to work from home where they possibly can, kitchens and spare rooms across the country have been transformed into offices, pets promoted to office manager overnight and tech has taken centre stage.

As a PR agency, communication and keeping in touch is second nature for us, but for many the idea of video conferencing or using digital tools to speak to their colleagues and clients is something totally new – and they are learning really fast.

Upskilling at home

With the daily commute removed, less time spent queueing at the printer and various other office distractions gone for the time being, many will find themselves with more time to think, reflect and learn new skills. So, how can your teams use some of that extra time productively and upskill?

Keeping in touch

For many, conducting a meeting via video link is a totally new experience, so sitting down and getting to grips with tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype is a great place to start. At Cartwright, we prefer Zoom thanks to its increased functionality in terms of delivering webinars, recording your meetings, etc. but all of the tools give you a range of different ways to communicate with one another.

As well as video conferencing, now might be the time to think about other digital mans of communication. At Cartwright, we use Slack and Trello to keep in touch with our team and clients – it’s a great way to keep in touch in real time and reduce emails while you’re at it!

Take the time to get to know whichever tool your business or contacts like to use – you’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other, albeit virtually, over the next few weeks!

Honing your skills

With the absence of real-life events, we are seeing an increasing number of organisations encouraging people to get involved online. Whether this be through webinars or other online training tools, there are plenty of options to build your skillset during this time.

Whether you engage an online training provider such as Improve or search out your own online resources, this is a great time to think a bit differently and look at ways to improve your skillset.

We’re big fans of Google Garage which offers a range of different flexible online courses – and a certification at the end. More and more organisations are offering online resources, so do check out what’s available for your industry and get learning!

Create your own content

This is a great time to be thinking about how you can help your customers and contacts use their time wisely too – could you create your own online training resources? Does your social media presence need some work? Could your website do with a health check? These are often things which fall to the bottom of the list, but are a great opportunity to build your skills while helping to reach your audience at this challenging time.

How can we help?

We are experts in creating content both on and offline and are working hard with our clients to ensure that they are still able to communicate with their audiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our brand new CC Live packages can help you transform training sessions into online resources, help you host online networking events or webinars – teaching you new skills in the meantime.

To find out more, please contact Liz Cartwright.

By Annie Brafield

Annie is an expert in leading B2B and B2C accounts working across a range of sectors including property, retail, construction, professional services and the arts. She is creative and results-driven and builds excellent relationships with clients and journalists alike. Annie is also a qualified journalist.