Top tips for a successful internship

As her internship finishes and she gets ready to officially join the team at Cartwright Communications, Charlotte shares what she has learnt over the past three months and offers her top five pieces of advice for a prosperous and positive internship.

The benefits of being an intern

Internships often get very bad press, primarily because most are unpaid. However I would choose to view it as a learning experience, a chance to get to know the industry and decide if you like it.

They can also act as an extended interview and give employers the opportunity to get to know you before offering a job.

So as my internship comes to a close and I prepare for the role of account executive at Cartwright Communications, here are my five top tips for getting the most out of your experience.

Tip one: be enthusiastic

A smile, confidence and lots of enthusiasm will get you very far. Enthusiasm shows an interest and passion for the job you are doing so get to know your colleagues, go along to lots of events and make yourself indispensable for the duration of your internship.

Tip two: always be professional

At all times try to be professional in how you visibly present yourself but also in your attitude. This ties into the previous point about enthusiasm as while it is good to be excited about your work or the latest office chatter, remember that it is a working environment and you are there to learn.

Tip three: jump into any task

As an intern you are likely to get given the rudimentary jobs such as admin, research and of course the classic internship stereotype; making tea. However these jobs give you an insight into the core of the company, enabling you to understand how the business ticks. Once you have proven that you can successfully manage these tasks you will more than likely be given bigger jobs where you can prove your worth.

Tip four: do your research

Just as you would have researched the company before your interview, make sure you continue to research their clients, industry and business while you are there. The more knowledgeable you are about how the company runs, the more productive and worthwhile you will find your time there.

Tip five: ask lots of questions

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The benefit of being an intern is that no one expects you to know all the answers. Asking questions shows that you are motivated, willing to learn and genuinely want to know more about the company and industry, which can only be a positive.

Editor’s note: you should really listen to Charlotte, she was such a good intern that she subsequently joined Cartwright as an account executive and has been deservedly promoted to account manager.

By Charlotte Dove

Charlotte supports a number of clients across health and beauty, construction and architecture. She has experience creating engaging content on social media, as well as copywriting for SEO and securing extensive coverage for clients.