Top tips for working from home

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of people have had to adapt to working from home. For some, this is easier said than done. Having previously been home-based, account executive Tom Home shares some advice on how best to work efficiently from home.

Adapting to working from home

Inherently, we are a social species and because of this, all of us require a certain amount of human interaction on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be chatting with family, friends or colleagues, conversation and interaction are the bedrocks of our daily routines.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and Boris Johnson’s recent announcement that the British public should be self-isolating where possible, most of us have found ourselves working from home. For some people, this is already the norm and won’t have required much adjustment, but for others, these are unchartered waters, and will no doubt be a completely new and potentially unnerving experience.

As someone who has previously been home-based and with the hope of offering some useful advice amid these unusual times, here are my top tips on working from home.

Tip one: Establish some basic ground rules

Although it is incredibly tempting to spend the day sprawled out across the sofa wearing your favourite pair of pyjamas with your laptop balanced on your lap, this is most certainly not a constructive or efficient way of working. Getting up, changing into some comfortable clothes and eating a good breakfast is an ideal start to the day and one that will put you in a positive frame of mind.

Tip two: Setting up base

Having a designated area from which you’re able to work is a vital cog in successfully being able to work from home. Whether it be the kitchen table, dining room or office, a light, airy and spacious environment will help to increase your motivation, productivity and general mood throughout the day.

Tip three: Remain social

We are fortunate to live in an age where we can contact someone at the mere push of a button – whether that be via email, phone or video. These revolutionary technologies allow us to remain in touch with both clients and co-workers all day every day and maintaining these constant channels of communication is crucial. At Cartwright, our two favourite tools are Slack and Zoom; both help the whole team to instantly message one another and, more importantly, see each other’s faces from time to time!

Tip four: Take regular breaks

Unsurprisingly, staring at the same four walls for hours upon end can get extremely tedious. The same with endlessly staring at a screen. It is paramount to ensure that you’re allowing yourself time to get a change of scenery – whether this be going outside, walking the dog or simply stretching your legs around the house. Looking after both physical and mental health is of the utmost importance and regularly exercising and stimulating our minds can be great ways of doing this.

Tip five: Relax

Being confined to the solitude of your house is likely to be testing, to say the least. With this in mind, it is especially important to differentiate between work and downtime. Once the day is finished, take the time to reward your efforts by relaxing and doing the things that make you happy.

In this period of uncertainty, we must all do our best to control the things that are in our power and focus on the positives. Although we can’t be certain when things will return to normal, one thing is for sure – we all have the ability to stay connected and stay safe.

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By Tom Home

Tom joined the Cartwright team after spending two years working both in-house and for agencies. Working on both B2B and B2C accounts, Tom is responsible for securing high-profile coverage for clients, as well as providing copywriting support to accounts across construction, finance and engineering.