Derwent Living

Protecting the Derwent Living brand in a crisis.


Derwent Living is a ‘profit for social purpose’ organisation providing affordable housing across the midlands and was acquired by the Places for People Group in 2017.

Cartwright has been working with Derwent Living for more than 10 years providing regional PR, copywriting and crisis communications support.

Our approach

Cartwright has devised a precise media relations strategy with Derwent Living, which seeks to raise its profile and protect its reputation among its target trade, local and regional media. Crisis communications plays an important part of our role, and we understand the importance of managing hostile media enquiries quickly and efficiently.

When a potential media crisis strikes, such as resident complaint of ASB, we are quick to inform the team at Derwent Living and draft a media statement with brand reputation in mind.

Alternatively, using our knowledge of media law, we’re able to halt a story in its tracks and prevent any negative stories reaching the media.


Our extensive experience in delivering crisis communications support has ensured that any hostile media enquiry has been dealt with promptly and with minimal damage to Derwent Living’s reputation.

We have also ensured that several potential media crisis situations have been avoided entirely.

We provide this support 365 days a year.

"When we’ve needed crisis communications support, Cartwright has halted negative stories in their tracks as well as minimised any reputation damage if a negative story does hit the press. We really value their advice in a media crisis. "

Kathryn Shaw, marketing and digital media officer

Derwent Living

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Cartwright Communications has worked with Derwent Living for more than a decade, delivering PR and crisis communications support with brand reputation at the heart.

Crisis Communications

Crisis communications is the management and protection of the reputation of an individual, organisation or brand during a negative situation, event or story.

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Being prepared for a potential crisis and understanding how to manage the situation sensibly could save your brand from irreparable damage; our experts are here to help.