Leonard Design: shining a spotlight on architectural expertise

A new content marketing strategy for client Leonard Design in 2019 pushed leads further down the sales funnel by prioritising SEO and the use of LinkedIn articles.

1,962 article views on LinkedIn with over 750 engagements
900% traffic increase to the website on the day the article was published on LinkedIn
92% website health score achieved within a month


After two years of gaining traction in the media and building the reputation of Leonard Design in the press, the senior team tasked Cartwright to focus on tangible client engagement and ultimately, lead generation.

Our approach

To drive greater engagement from existing and potential clients, the team recognised that more needed to be made of Leonard Design’s owned channels; namely its website and the strong presence of its directors on LinkedIn.

The entire retained PR focus was switched to improving the user experience on the website with technical fixes quickly made and loading speed swiftly improved.

Channelling the expertise of the Leonard Design directors, a full-length thought-leadership piece was optimised and posted on the improved blog with a shortened version uploaded as a LinkedIn article.


  • 92% health score achieved for the Leonard Design website
  • Domain authority and page load screen of the website both improved
  • 1,962 article views on LinkedIn with over 750 engagements
  • Proven communication with Leonard Design’s target contacts at H&M, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, IKEA Group, Sainsbury’s and Auchan Retail
  • 900% traffic increase to the website on the day the article was published on LinkedIn
  • 369 out of 376 visitors from LinkedIn were new website visitors so potential clients for Leonard Design to now approach

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