Crisis Communications

Being prepared for a potential crisis and understanding how to manage the situation sensibly could save your brand from irreparable damage; our experts are here to help.

Crisis Communications

Sometimes a media crisis is inevitable, but how you handle it could have lasting effects on your brand.

Multi-channel crisis communications

The number of media platforms continues to grow, providing more channels for a potential crisis to hit. Our experts in crisis management can ensure your brand reputation on and offline remains intact, as well as advising on how best to address internal communications.

Our crisis strategy planning service will give you the right tools to act quickly and honestly if disaster strikes – and our press office function will support you in dealing with any challenging media enquiries.

Preparing you for the worst

We offer crisis simulations and media training workshops, equipping key stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to be ‘interview ready’ at short notice and giving them the confidence to answer even the most challenging of questions.

Crisis communications now stretches to social media and our team can advise on how best to handle negative comments or complaints, and how to avoid ‘fanning the flames’ if a problem arises.

"When we’ve needed crisis communications support, Cartwright has halted negative stories in their tracks as well as minimised any reputation damage if a negative story does hit the press. We really value their advice in a media crisis. "

Kathryn Shaw, marketing and digital media officer

Derwent Living

Being prepared for a potential crisis

Crisis communications is the management and protection of the reputation of an individual, organisation or brand during a negative situation, event or story.

Crisis strategy planning

Being prepared for the unexpected is essential when it comes to crisis communications. We will work with your team to create a robust crisis communications plan, which can be kickstarted into action should the worst happen. This can include: an overarching strategy, an extensive pre-approved statement pack, contact matrix, internal communications advice, and much more.

Desktop crisis management

To help prepare your team for the worst, a desktop crisis management exercise puts them to the test in a simulated crisis situation. This is a low-stress way to test crisis protocol and ensure that your plan is robust – and allows for refinements where things didn’t work quite as expected. Our expert crisis communications professionals will run this exercise for you and evaluate the team’s performance.

Media training

Being prepared for potentially uncomfortable or difficult media enquiries is an essential part of protecting your brand in a crisis. We can provide in-depth media training sessions to ensure that your key spokespeople are ready to deal with the press.