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Six types of digital marketing you should know about

By Maria Potter – Digital executive

Digital marketing is a key part of any business’s PR & marketing strategy and online channels are often customers’ first port of call when buying a product or service. It’s also likely to be your audience’s first impression of your brand, be it through online ads, digital content or social media. There are a variety of channels to utilise for different marketing purposes and some are most effective when used together to reach the biggest audience possible. 

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A guide to six types of digital marketing



1. SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) often goes hand in hand with a content marketing strategy. It involves optimising your site through formatting, schema, keyword research and quality content that complies with search engine recommendations in order to rank highly for your product or service area. Done right, it can be a long-term way of bringing in steady traffic, increasing brand visibility and reaching your audiences.   

2. Email marketing

Keeping in touch with your users through strategic emails and newsletters is a great way of gathering data, promoting your products and bringing people to your site. Staying consistent, offering useful communications and offering real value to your audience will ensure they stay subscribed and keep coming to your brand.  

3. Content marketing 

Content marketing is possibly the most well-known form of digital marketing and can work in conjunction with other aspects of your strategy. Your content could be in the form of blog posts or articles, informational videos or informative guides that can help to bring people to the site and funnel them to areas you would like to focus on, such as sales and ecommerce.  

Good content can cement your position as a trustworthy brand and an authority in your industry. Develop a content strategy targeting your most important brand keywords, ideally with low levels of competition, research the best format for your content and ensure it gets pushed on your key social channels to give it an essential boost. Making sure your content is mobile friendly is another key step to success. 

 4. Influencer and affiliate marketing

Working with the right influencer can be an easy way to reach your desired audience through a source they already trust and have a relationship with. Whether they’re a big name in the industry with thousands of casual followers, or a micro-influencer with a smaller, dedicated audience, their promotion can drive traffic and sales on your site. Finding the right partnership, an original promotion idea and being transparent about the working relationship will help your audience connect with your brand. 

Affiliate marketing refers to a method of publishers earning a small commission from promoting a product or service made by another brand. A strong affiliate marketing programme through a larger trusted organisation can be a way of diversifying revenue and creating a steady stream of income. 

5. Paid advertising

PPC or pay-per-click advertising involves paying for ads for your business to appear prominently in high-ranking positions on social media or in search engines. The more popular the keyword you’re targeting, the more expensive it’s likely to be. It requires a dedicated team to run effectively but can be a quick way to rank top for certain terms.  

6. Social media marketing

It’s vital to pick the right platform for your brand and your target audience. Simply having a presence on every social platform available is unlikely to make an impact and knowing where your audience lives is half the battle. Promoting your content and building a following on social media is a great way to reach new audiences, drive sales and increase your reach through shares and reposts. It’s important to devote time to a structured social media strategy, post frequently and consistently and keep abreast of potential algorithm changes. 

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