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A consistent presence in the media will ensure you remain front of mind for your target audience.

We can help your brand to build positive media relationships with key publications and news outlets to get your message in front of the right people. Our experienced team can also help with fielding media enquiries, responding to reactive media requests, crisis communications support, organising content schedules and more.

Our PR professionals create a pipeline of unique content and coverage for your company, with planned forward features and a supporting library of images and video. 


Crisis comms

We provide support and consultancy in a crisis - both in the case of a negative story that hits the press and negative comments left on social media. ​ ​ We work closely with teams and the press to resolve issues with the aim of preventing any negative coverage and protecting a brand’s reputation. ​

Video editing

We offer a range of services from editorial style vox-pop pieces and presented sales pieces, to glossy brochure videos and shots captured by drones. We've hosted live online events, conducted roundtables and created long-form featurettes.

Media liaison

Our PR experts work closely with our extensive media contacts to secure positive press and build long-lasting relationships that benefit your business in the long run.

Content creation

Our content team consists of former journalists from print, online and broadcast media. They understand the importance of a strong hook and an engaging style of writing. We deliver data-driven content to gain backlinks, boost precious capacity within in-house marketing teams and support lead-generating marketing campaigns.


With an established reputation for national property and construction expertise, we also excel in sectors including building products, professional services, technology and electronics, engineering and agriculture, healthcare, health and lifestyle, food and drink, and e-commerce and retail.

We have also delivered fantastic results for both B2B and B2C clients in hospitality and leisure; homes, interiors and gardens; HR, charity and recruitment, as well as fashion and cosmetics.

Our client experience covers the public and private sector and includes: Pick Everard, Addo Food Group including Wall’s Pastry and Pork Farms, Travis Perkins plc, Tarmac, Wilmott Dixon and more.




Each client receives a full PR and communications account team, including account managers – who’ll be your daily contact and brand gatekeeper – and account directors, who will drive strategic direction and delivery.

Our Cartwright directors Rose Hayes and Annie Brafield are available to discuss how they can help you. Confident in handling all types of media enquiries, difficult requests and being the sole point of contact for your company, they are integrated press office experts.


Ready to take action? Claim your free 30-minute consultation today and our team will audit the content in your current PR strategy, website or social media channels to get you on track to success. We look forward to speaking to you. 

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