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There’s no substitute for high-quality content to create a buzz about your business and boost results – and we’ve got a wealth of talented writers and video experts to do just that.

Our dedicated content team works across our PR, digital and marketing accounts to create a holistic approach to brand awareness. We dig deep to understand what makes you and your brand tick and create compelling content guaranteed to increase your brand awareness, improve your online reach and connect with your target audiences.

From dynamic social media content marketing to press releases, features, video interviews, white papers and blog posts – we know what it takes to make a headline-grabbing splash. And our thought leadership articles will build your credibility in the field.


Having great content is the lifeblood of your online presence. Our team of top-notch writers and former journalists love a good story – and knows how to tell them. We’re also talented at creating printed and digital marketing collateral. So, whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or convert leads into customers, our thoughtful, creative and inspiring approach will create content that ensures your long-term success.


We know how to create stories that pack a punch. Our team of ex-journalists finds the most interesting angle, contacts the right interviewees and gets to the heart of a feature. Our content specialists can craft copy to strict deadlines and bring your story to life.


Educate your audience and build credibility through our authoritative, academic writing. Our in-depth reports get the most out of a niche topic — let us do the research and unpack tough topics in an approachable, informative way. No matter the structure or style, our content team can turn its hand to a variety of sectors and services.


Our SEO-led, data-driven digital content is designed to catch the interest of your target audience and push you up in search engine rankings. We know how to speak your customers’ language and get creative with our content. We find the most relevant, trend-led ideas and write content that engages readers from the outset.


We are masters of the art of the press release; finding the hook and focusing on the key information that matters to your audience. Cartwrighters write journalistically, meaning we know what catches a journalist’s eye and how to make a story stand out in a sea of marketing speak. Our press releases can generate leads and position your business as one to watch in your field or strengthen your position as a leading name in the industry.


We specialise in creating printed and digital marketing collateral - event flyers and publications; corporate brochures; product pages and catalogues; proposals and presentations; email marketing and newsletters. Let our team of industry professionals plan a strategic content approach and create unique copy that attracts your dream clients.


Whether you want to attract visitors with a keyword-optimised homepage, build trust and authority with case studies and testimonials or help users understand your product with clear and concise copy, our team has the skills to make it happen. We can set you apart from the competition and help you stand out online on a crowded results page.


Cement your position as industry leaders in your field with an in-depth thought leadership piece, drawing on our content team’s experience. Deliver essential information to your target audience through our extensive research and insight, packaged up in an easy-to-absorb piece of content.


We know how to make your brand shine, even within a strict word count and rigid criteria. We will push your entry to the top of the pile with our persuasive writing and unbeatable techniques.

Frequently asked questions​

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of digital content such as blogs, videos, podcasts and social media posts to attract and retain your audience. Often they don’t explicitly promote a brand but can stimulate interest in your products or services.  

From high-quality white papers, blog posts, videos, features and press releases – a successful content marketing strategy will boost your brand credibility and results through targeted exposure to key audiences, opening doors to increased sales and leads.  

Content marketing is a mission-critical growth method for your business as it can have a great return on investment, (ROI), and deliver long-term results for your business. Creating compelling content is an effective way to increase your brand awareness and connect with your target audience.  

Content marketing can: 

  • Help you to answer your potential customers’ questions, build their trust and develop relationships.  
  • Another touchpoint for you to interact with your audience and enables you to generate more, better-quality leads.  
  • Improve conversions and help your audience to connect with you.  
  • Help to build your authority online, increase your rankings in search engines and as a result, your visibility. 

Content marketing strategies are essential so you can precisely measure the financial impact of marketing content such as press releases, award entries, white papers, blog posts and features to ensure a strong ROI. A content marketing strategy is key to ensuring long-lasting growth through targeted exposure to your key audiences, whilst increasing your brand awareness.  

A content marketing strategy helps you achieve your business objectives and create clear success metrics to measure. Other benefits of a content marketing strategy include: 

  • More online visibility 
  • Increase in leads 
  • Higher customer engagement 

It is very important to create a marketing strategy before you start sharing and creating content.  

A whitepaper is an in-depth, authoritative and objective document featuring expert analysis and insight into a given topic, problem or solution. 

Whitepapers are typically more technical that other types of content such as blogs and case studies, and are used to establish thought leadership and position organisations as authorities in their field. They can also be based on research undertaken either by the organisation themselves, or commissioned from a third party. 

They are used primarily by B2B businesses and can form a key piece of “hero content” for their marketing strategy. Because of this, they need to strike a careful balance between providing useful information in an authoritative manner, written in a way that is persuasive to existing stakeholders and prospective customers alike. 

Because of their format, whitepapers can be effective at various stages of the sales funnel. They can be used as a lead generation tool by making them available to download, and also be used to develop leads that have already been created. 


We may have more than 60 years’ experience between us, but we’re all still spring chickens!

Tom Snee heads our growing team, calling on nearly two decades of experience in journalism, PR and broadcasting.

Content editor Claire Catlow is a highly-experienced trained journalist and former newspaper deputy editor.

Former senior journalist and content specialist Phoebe Ram has covered stories in health, education and crime for nearly three years at the Nottingham Post before joining us. 




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