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Six ways to improve credibility in healthcare PR

Trust and authority are crucial elements of any brand strategy in the healthcare industry. Working with a specialist healthcare PR agency can help you to grow, develop and sustain your business and to build trust with your audience. Our extensive book of healthcare industry contacts and years of PR experience is at the heart of all our creative brand strategies.

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Six marketing and PR techniques to improve your authority in the healthcare industry


1. Thought leadership articles and white papers 

Leveraging content specialists and writers who can produce in-depth, well-researched thought leadership pieces is a surefire way to cement your position as market leaders. Science-led features and technical thought leadership pieces are a key part of an overall healthcare marketing strategy.

2. A multi-channel marketing approach

Create content that resonates with your audience that works across a range of direct and indirect channels. Whether you’re reaching industry professionals on LinkedIn, patients reading an article on their morning commute or raising brand awareness through seminars and online seminars, getting your message out where your audience lives is crucial. We can help you to strategise, monitor and invest in the channels that are working for you.

3. A 24-hour press office

One of the biggest advantages of working with an experienced marketing and PR agency is that they can function as your press office, to act as the reactive arm of your business. This, combined with detailed media training for your team ensures that crises are nipped in the bud and potentially damaging PR doesn’t become a bigger issue.

4. Backlink generation and search engine optimisation (SEO)

Make sure you’re always in Google’s coveted top spot with built-in SEO for your website and social media. Good SEO also gives your audience a smooth user experience when accessing your services, helps you to compete in a busy marketplace and can drive sales. Leverage algorithm changes and optimise your content to make sure your brand is trusted by users and search engines alike. Turn attention-grabbing headlines into website hits and service take-up.

5. Organic and paid social media

Develop and nurture a relationship with your audience and utilise all possible touch points through a solid social media strategy. Our social media specialists can help you to develop a posting schedule and clear, consistent reporting to pinpoint your most effective ideas.

6. Product launches and events

Make an entrance in your sector and create a lasting impression with your desired audience. An effective product launch or a slick event is the perfect way to make a splash, gain industry contacts, generate press and spread the word about your brand.

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We deliver results for clients across the healthcare and wellness industry, from private healthcare providers, to technology pioneers and NHS partners. We can help you to improve your internal communications, streamline your marketing processes and take a holistic approach to healthcare PR.

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