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Cater to your community: Four AI-deas for improving your digital marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has certainly made its mark this year. Many are debating the effects this rapidly evolving technology will have on the world, while others are using it to propel their businesses and brands into the future. 

You can now use AI to strengthen the impact of your business’ digital marketing efforts by optimising touchpoints. From websites to social media presence and company apps, AI can help elevate the digital relationship between customer and business. 

1. Enhance your social media customer service with chatbots 

Do you have all bases covered when your customer needs you?  

Chatbots are an AI tool that can help balance your customers’ need for human interaction and quick responses.  

Pros include: 

  • Streamlining the customer service journey by automatically answering simple and frequent questions, whilst assigning more complex issues to the relevant customer support 
  • Quicker response times due to the chatbot’s ability to speak to multiple customers at any one time  
  • Creating a multi-channel customer service experience by including chatbots across several digital platforms  

Chatbots can also aid user accessibility and inclusion. Implementation of this tool on websites and apps can support customers who experience anxiety and pressure when it comes to speaking on the phone. 

2. Engage your community with social media content 

Are you staying on top of trends and topics of interest to your audience? 

There is room for fun when it comes to using AI within social media and it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Start small by creating social media posts inspired by AI alongside organically made posts and after a while see how they compare. You can then use these results to make informed decisions about your social strategy and gradually strengthen your social media performance.   

The Innocent Drinks company is a great example of how to use AI on social media. It used ChatGPT to write adverts for its drinks and then tapped into the world’s current fascination with AI by turning the content into social media posts. By placing its own adverts alongside the adverts created by ChatGPT, Innocent was able to spark debate which increased engagement whilst also showing the brands ability to remain relevant, up to date and provide its audience with the same on-brand, comedic tone of voice and content it knows and loves. 

3. Improve user experience (UX) with predictive analytics 

Are you analysing your results to provide what your customer/client wants and needs? 

User experience is an important element of any digital strategy – it can be the difference between retaining your audience’s interest or losing it. 

It’s important to ensure that each customer touchpoint seeks to gain more relevant information about your target audience. Whether it’s the pages they visit on your website, adverts they watch on social media platforms or products they add to their basket, AI can help you monitor your customers’ decision-making processes. This can help you improve the recommendations you make and where and when you make them. 

4. Create engaging content & compelling calls-to-action 

The call-to-action (CTA) is an essential component of every social post – whether it’s to increase revenue, drive traffic or encourage data entry. You can use ChatGPT to create a CTA that motivates users to both engage and act. Tools like this and Google Bard can be used to generate compelling copy and persuasive CTAs, while also generating your own ideas and adding flair to them.  

Need help exploring your digital marketing options?  

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