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ConSpare is a forward thinking, family-run business with more than 40 years’ experience serving all major concrete producers. ConSpare is the leading authority on improving the performance of concrete mixers, mixing technology and batch plant processes. 


The ConSpare team was looking to pivot its established brand identity and associated messaging towards a sustainable ethos, having discovered its products and system optimisations delivered extensive carbon savings that are backed by verifiable data. We facilitated a bespoke full day workshop designed to challenge its existing thinking and to reposition the brand as a reputable leader in sustainability within the concrete industry. The session covered a situational analysis, defining the proposition, a review of their brand architecture, the narrative and story that would be communicated with customers and the mechanisms that we would leverage to spread their sustainability credentials far and wide.


We developed a brand messaging playbook that defined ConSpare’s core identity including the vision, mission, values and key messages. We also defined their brand voice so that internal and external teams could remain consistent across all communications.

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