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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of caravans and motorhomes, Kimberley Caravans is the exclusive dealer for several new models each year. To promote this, the Cartwright Communications team created a series of videos covering the key specifications of each model. 


Working alongside Kimberley Caravans’ team of caravan experts, our video specialists story-boarded, scripted and filmed video tours of the dealer exclusive models, highlighting their unique features in a presenter-led format with high-quality b-roll footage. 


From the hours of content captured, our team created a series of four videos, hosted by our in-house presenter. These videos were used on Kimberley Caravans’ product pages for the individual models, as well as in social media campaigns. As a result, the dealer’s Facebook page received 65% more interactions on product posts compared to its business-as-usual content. 

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