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MIPIM 2023

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MIPIM is the world’s largest property event, featuring more than 20,000 key players from across the globe. We have supported clients at the event for more than a decade, and have been offering on-site video support since 2019. 


For the 2022 edition, we updated our video offering to include interviews designed for quick turnaround. This was enhanced in 2023 with an extended schedule, meaning that interviews with clients and partners were filmed, edited and turned around for social media use within three hours of filming. 


We undertook interviews with a dozen Cartwright clients, including CPMG Architects, Innes England, Hexa and GT3 Architects, with delivery often well within the three-hour period originally planned. The interviews were used across social media platforms, with one client reporting five times the amount of interactions and engagement from the video than their static MIPIM LinkedIn posts. 

In addition, the videos were made available to the Built Environment Networking team to help with the early promotion of the 2024 version of the event. 

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