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Radford Care Group is a registered charity that offers daytime activities for older people in Nottingham, with extended facilities for those with more specialist needs. It also facilitates organised activities such as exercise sessions, arts and crafts classes, guest speakers, entertainment, short and long day trips out, as well as linking up with other support services.

The management team was preparing to move to its brand-new facility called Prospect Street and wanted to refresh its branding and website to reflect this new chapter.

Step one - audit

The original website was set up in a blog based format, which meant that the page design was very restrictive, with the template preventing the use of numerous images and requiring large volumes of text. 

This made it difficult to showcase the people behind the non-profit organisation and the amazing work it does to support older people in the communities, and meant that crucial information was often missing. The visual brand was also limited, with a small colour palette that prevented the collateral and website from being engaging or drawing users to key information and calls to action.


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Step two - colour palette

We recommended that Radford Care Group modernise its colour palette to bring it in line with the branding for Prospect Street. We also advised to expand the colour palette with contrasting but complementary turquoise, grey and blue. These colours are calm and friendly to reflect the work they do to offer sanctuary and care for older people and their families. 

We also incorporated a san serif font to accent key messages and titles.

Step three - website build

We created a modern website that was visually led, easy to navigate and employed simple language to appeal to carers and families looking for a supportive environment. 

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