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The Build Chain 

Social media advertising
£ 750
ad budget
clicks to landing page
50 k
users reached


The Build Chain was a new online platform to gain competitive quotes on materials, to ensure availability and discover local suppliers.  

We were tasked with reaching building contractors, installers, and merchants to educate them on the platform’s USPs.  


We targeted audiences on LinkedIn and Meta for two months for a rapid, nationwide brand awareness campaign to ‘warm up’ cold users. Our KPIs were advert reach, impressions, engagement and website traffic. 


We created an engaging landing page and tested various advert creatives that highlighted key statistics and results that users could achieve if they signed up to the platform. We used a soft ‘learn more’ call-to-action to encourage users to click through to a trackable landing page.  


Our ads were shown 292,280 times and seen by 133,317 social media users. 1,816 users clicked through to the website. We successfully built a warm audience that could further be marketed to during phase two of our activity.  

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