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SGE and AI: What will SEO look like in 2024

By Jotdeep Drarh – SEO manager

2024 is expected to see huge transformation in the way marketers formulate results-driven SEO strategies. This change is forecasted by Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

SGE is set to see users of Google clicking less on websites in results pages, and instead being shown answers to their queries directly in Google. This highlights the main factors to consider: ensuring a website gets more real-estate space in results is paramount, and aligning website content to customer search intent is even more important. 

How can this be done? Specialists have summarised that there is to be renewed emphasis on content created by experts, countering the prevalence of machine-generated material. This places value on content which demonstrates human expertise and originality.  

Other experts have noted that with SGE leading to fewer users clicking on webpages, so SEO metrics will shift importance from impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and positions, towards lead generation, conversion rates and brand visibility. This means that gaining customer attention and trust from the off is important. 

TikTok: The Gen Z Search Engine 

Research from Search Engine Land has found that over 50% of Gen Z users prefer TikTok over Google, with the main reasons being TikTok providing more relatable and personalised answers. This statistic emphasises why many experts state that trust-building through high-quality, credible content will emerge a crucial aspect of SEO strategies. 

For SEO, I foresee 2024 challenging marketers to provide a holistic approach to marketing strategies, combining technical expertise and user-centric content. Previous focus has been on long-tail and short-tail keywords, but we see the emergence of SGE as pivoting SEO strategies to focus more on authentic content to stand out from AI generated content – this is where bringing unique customer stories into website content will stand you out from competition.  

Think of a superhero movie – your customer is faced with a pain point (villain), and your website content acts as the tools needed to overcome the villain. Upon coming across your content, the customer becomes the hero, leading them to become brand evangelists. 

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