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The secret recipe for success in food and drink PR partnerships 

By Hannah Bullock, account manager

Partnerships are one of the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful PR campaign. On a basic level, effective partnerships help businesses boost awareness by tapping into the audience of another like-minded brand that shares a similar target market.

Partnering helps brands to engage with their own audience, as well as that of a secondary brand with similar values who offer a complimentary product or service. As competition in the food and drink industry increases, and trends continue to change at pace, a creative partnership can really help a brand to stand out among its peers.

So, how does this specifically impact the food and drink sector, and why can it lead to such success for your brand? We’ve cherrypicked some recent favourites below to help illustrate how your brand can raise awareness with a partnership that brings home the bacon.

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Tasteful Collaborations


Creating audience impact and a multifaceted experience in-store



What was the partnership? 

It was hard to miss the news earlier this year that Greggs partnered with Primark to produce a bespoke range of clothing merchandise. Socks were emblazoned with sausage rolls, coordinating ‘Greggs blue’ track suits appeared in shop windows, and a Greggs x Primark café was built in Birmingham. 

The partnership was a hit, with the sell-out range producing coverage across the board hailing the campaign as an unlikely move that was sure to raise a smile. 


Why do we like it? 

This was a great example of a food brand partnering with a company in a distinctly different industry to create a new, innovative product. It was the first time Greggs had ever partnered with a clothing company to offer fans merchandise, making it a unique and far-from-predicted collaboration. A tight lid was kept on the campaign until mannequins appeared in windows to ensure maximum shock factor for consumers, which helped to create a buzz when the news dropped. 

This was also a partnership with a long shelf life, as the possibilities for Greggs branded clothing were endless. The launch of a second clothing campaign by the iconic duo targeted at festivalgoers over the summer were testament to the huge success seen at the first launch, as well as the longevity of the concept.  

At the crux of it, this partnership was so successful because both brands are well-known for their affordable price points, British high street notoriety, and a shared sense of humour that helped both companies connect with each other’s audiences. 


A modern online content partnership that is music to our ears



What was the partnership? 

The recently announced collaboration between Mob Kitchen and Spotify sees the edgy food media platform – that aims to inspire students and young people make quality food that Gen Z want to eat – partner with a range of artists via Spotify.  

Recognising that cooking is often accompanied by music, Mob is producing an ongoing series that brings talent into the kitchen to produce video content that sees artists making their favourite meal. The recipe is then shared on the Mob website, which is followed up by a unique Spotify playlist to match the individual stages of the chosen recipe – from chopping, to cooking, to eating. 


Why do we like it? 

This partnership is an excellent example of an imaginative online content collaboration, with all assets captured and shared online through videos, landing pages, TikTok videos, Instagram reels and playlists – a unique content strand that demonstrates some real creativity. 

The partnership works because Gen Z comprises a significant chunk of both brands’ audiences, and the format selected for the partnership is where Gen Z consumes most of its content – through social media and online platforms.  

The artists selected also share the same values as Mob in their brand image, with the first artist chosen to share her secret recipe being Little Simz, 28-year-old London rapper and recent Mercury Prize winner. This choice helps both Mob and the young rapper to further establish themselves as having a modern, fresh and unique approach. 


The celebrity partnership of dreams



What was the partnership? 

This collaboration saw Jamie Oliver partner with delivery-first kitchen group Taster to launch a brand-new pasta delivery brand in the capital earlier this month. 

Pasta Dreams – a brand that pairs fun 70s psychedelia style with on-trend pasta creations designed for delivery – saw its initial launch in Soho, with plans to become the UK’s number one pasta delivery brand. 


Why do we like it? 

Partnering with a major celebrity is a bold move that ensures the smaller brand gains huge viewership numbers early on. The partnership gained national attention quickly, with coverage in major trade, national and regional publications (BigHospitality, Metro and London Eater to name a few), demonstrating how the backing of an influential name can help to catapult a new brand into public view. 

Furthermore, this partnership demonstrates how brands can align to drive legitimacy for new businesses. In having one of the biggest UK food industry leaders at its helm with Jamie Oliver, the freshly launched Pasta Dreams has benefitted from the status, experience and key industry friends that Oliver has gained over several decades, inspiring trust amongst consumers. 

The partnership also leveraged a multi-channel approach – the crucial tactic of utilising different platforms to increase the potential reach of the campaign. Through social media, press, and a pop-up event complete with food influencers and the celeb himself; this partnership is multi-faceted in its approach. 


“The starting point is always our values”, Kerry Thorpe, head of communications at Ben & Jerry’s



What was the partnership?

Earlier this year, confectionary giants Ben & Jerry’s and Tony’s Chocolonely came together in ‘a Chocolatey Love A-Fair’ to create two new limited-edition chocolate bars and tubs of ice cream. The ice cream is based on Tony’s milk caramel sea salt flavour, while the chocolate bars are based on Ben & Jerry’s renowned chocolate brownie and white chocolate strawberry cheesecake flavours. But the new flavours were far from all the partnership entailed. 

United by a shared passion for social justice, this collaboration was launched alongside a commitment for change within the chocolate industry. Ben and Jerry’s announced they would join Tony’s Chocolonely on its mission to end modern slavery and child labour resulting from the poverty experienced by cocoa workers. 


Why do we like it? 

This is the perfect example of two brands coming together to create change based on shared social values. Ben & Jerry’s are well-known for their work with human rights, social justice and environmental protection while Tony’s main USP is its care and attention to the quality of life of the people producing the product. The two brands have a natural synergy that makes sense, increasing its chances of success. 

What’s more, the commitment was genuine. Cocoa beans in all products from the campaign are sourced through Tony’s Open Chain, which uses the ‘5 Sourcing Principles’ to help cocoa farmers meet standards on social and environmental practices. When brands support a social mission, it is vitally important to practice what you preach to ensure a campaign doesn’t come across purely as a marketing stunt. 


An alignment of values, audiences, and industry authority 

Executing a successful partnership is not always as easy as it says on the tin. There are many different types of partnerships that a brand can pursue and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Ultimately, selecting the right partner for your brand is the number one rule for a successful partnership.  

It is not as simple as selecting the biggest influencer you can find – the best partner is a person or a company that aligns with the values of your brand on some level – be it your shared commitment to social causes, affordability or modern appeal. In doing so, you will be able to unlock new target audiences who share a natural affinity for your brand and its values – and what could be sweeter than that? 


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