Top digital trends marketeers need to be considering at the moment

Change is quick and continuous in the digital arena. Here are some key stats that we took away from a digital webinar last week that you should be applying to your marketing plan:

Video is increasingly important.

Tweets with video attract six times more retweets than photo tweets, highlighting the exponential growth of video in the digital landscape. You’ve also probably seen the Facebook ads encouraging people to ‘Go Live’, demonstrating how serious Facebook has become about video. Pinterest has also now launched promoted video pins, offering brands another way in which they can engage their audience more effectively than solely with images.

Most Users vs Most Open Users

Facebook still reigns supreme over the social platforms with 1.13 billion users, which is the most by far compared to all other social channels. However, given that 55% of Pinterest users go on the platform to actively find or shop for products (compared to only 12% on social networks), you may be reaching a lot of people on Facebook, but are they looking to buy? Do they want to listen? Engaging with your target audience where they are actively looking to make a purchase could be a much more efficient use of resources.

Have your crisis strategy at the ready

As an ever-increasing number of brands develop a presence on Twitter, it has become the go-to platform for customer service. Given that 1 in 5 PR disasters break on Twitter, it’s well worth brands putting a crisis strategy in place if and when things get out of control, as well as minimising the chances of it happening in the first place. This also highlights the importance of thorough and regular social media monitoring.

Changes in customer service communication

Both Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have hit the 1 billion users mark and Whatsapp has just announced that it will be letting businesses onto the platform. More and more brands are also developing chatbots as part of their customer service. With Ogilvy already investing in creating bespoke chatbot services for clients, this medium of customer service communication only looks to grow in the future as businesses continue to reach out to their potential audience in new and innovative ways.