Building a Facebook community in just five days

Pure Popcorn needed a social boost ahead of the UK launch of its brand new, healthy snack


Pure Popcorn booked a last minute stand at Taste of London and wanted to use Facebook as an opportunity to attract people to its stand and retain their interest once they had visited and tested the product themselves.

Strategy and tactics

“Grow a social community targeting health conscious, environmentally friendly individuals as well as those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. The objective was to raise awareness of the new brand and Pure Popcorn’s attendance at the Taste of London event.”


How we did it

The result was a seven-day content plan for Facebook to be assisted by a hardworking advertising budget of £400. Content had to be incredibly engaging as the page was starting from scratch. There were also no existing visuals of the product, its new packaging, or its branding, meaning the team would have to get creative with the imagery and videos it created.

The first tactic was to promote a competition. A simple ‘like to enter’ mechanism with an appetising prize of 100 bags of popcorn proved successful; with just £100, the competition achieved 3.4k likes with a reach of over 107,000. This quickly took the page followers into the thousands.

With a foundation of followers formed even before Taste of London, the team set about promoting Pure Popcorn’s attendance at the event. With just £50, a post about the stand reached 12,607 relevant consumers.

A second competition with just a £100 budget cleverly mixed imagery of London with product images in a short video clip. Asked to count the number of bags within the clip, a further 14,809 engagements were achieved.

Organic content promoted the key points of the product, namely its low calorie, gluten free and vegan suitable status.

Posts asking for reaction votes were received well and a caption request using one of the Cartwright team’s own dog as a model also went down well organically as well as with just a £50 boost. The final result was an organic reach of 3,608 with an additional 9,803 reached through the boost - just proving that a proactive team doesn’t need to rely on the client to provide images and content direction.




  • A reach of 170,243 people
  • Over 3,800 competition entries
  • An increase in follower base from 0 to 2,900
  • A combined post engagement of 16,728
  • Average cost per click of just £0.03p
  • 1,149 positive comments on the first competition run on the page
  • Ten direct requests to buy and try the product within the first five days


Want to know more?

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All information correct at 10/08/17

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