How to improve your LinkedIn profile in 180 seconds

Account director Emma Houghton shares her top tips for how to improve your LinkedIn profile in just three minutes.

Get ready!

Improving your LinkedIn profile is probably not the top of your to do list, but in the time it takes to make a quick cuppa, you could drastically improve your visibility on LinkedIn and pull in all-important sales leads…

Start the clock! 

0-15 seconds:

Make sure people can recognise you by uploading a professional headshot to your profile. Once you’ve signed in, head over to your profile and start to edit by clicking the pencil icon under your cover photo.

This will then give you the option to edit your profile. Click on the pencil by your picture.

You’ll then have the option to upload you picture – don’t forget to click ‘apply’ when you’re ready to save the image.

Top tips for a great LinkedIn profile picture

Use a professional work photo, passport style

Recognisable and recent photograph

Full colour (avoid black and white)

Whole face and close up

Try to avoid

Holiday/ casual snaps (sunglasses, inappropriate backgrounds, alcohol)


Group shots or cropped group shots

15-60 seconds:

Improve your LinkedIn SEO and your company website SEO by adding in website links to your profile. You can have up to three website links – so why not link to your company home page, the company blog/news page and then your own personal blog or professional twitter profile.

Go onto your personal profile and click the pencil button to edit your profile:

Which will lead you to a screen where you can edit your profile. Scroll down until you spot this:

Click on the pencil icon and it will bring you to this screen:

Selecting ‘other’ in the drop down box (a) allows you to name the link, which looks neater on your profile.

You’ll also spot the opportunity to update your url (b) – click this link and edit your url to match your name – perfect for adding to business cards and email signatures.

60-120 seconds

Take a minute to update your current role description with your title, company and key responsibilities, add any new skills you’ve developed or interesting projects you’ve been working on. Remember to include key words in your summary that you want customers to find you for.

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120 -135 seconds

Add a piece of rich media to your profile: under your summary and experience sections you have the option to add hyperlinks, images, videos, presentations or documents – share a link to a recent case study you’ve worked on in your current or past role.

135-150 seconds:

Change your LinkedIn headline to describe your role and help improve your weekly search appearances.

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150-180 seconds:

Connect with your colleagues – growing your connections is crucial on LinkedIn; it’s important to remember that your activity and posts can reach third degree connections (connections of your connections) so start by ‘linking-in’ with all of your colleagues, particularly senior team members and those in your immediate department.

Head to your company corporate page, make sure you’re following your company and click on ‘see all employees on LinkedIn’ and get connecting!

Got a bit more time?

Write a blog post article, or repurpose an opinion piece you’ve drafted recently and upload it to your profile using LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Use this option to showcase your ideas, expertise and value to prospective customers or employers. You can add rich media to these updates too – driving traffic back to your company website or other external sources.

You’ll find the option to do this on your main home feed:

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If you would like more top tips for improving your presence on LinkedIn, or want to discuss a formal social strategy, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we can help.

All information correct at 14/05/19

By Emma Houghton

Having worked both in house and agency-side, Emma has delivered a range of national and regional campaigns across multiple sectors, from home interiors, construction and the arts, to food and children’s services. She has experience in devising and delivering PR and social media strategy as well as copywriting for SEO.