How to maximise your consumer PR campaign in line with 2021 trends

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So, you’re launching a new product or gearing up for your seasonal launch but how do you maximise your PR campaign to receive the best possible results and, more importantly, how do you adapt this to new trends and behaviours? Senior account executive Anastasia Smith shares her top tips on how to get the most out of your campaign. 

It can take some time to plan a great consumer campaign, not only do you have to decide on your budget and chosen activity, but you also have to meet and often exceed the ever-changing demands of your audience – shoppers. Gone are the days when a launch could rely solely on a press release and a few social media posts.  



A PR campaign can have a long-lasting impact on a brand’s image and reputation, so it’s important that it is well planned.  

Start by asking what you want to achieve with your campaign, do you want to reach a new audience? Boost product sales? Or build a relationship with your customers? Once you have narrowed down your main objective, you can start to plot out your plan of action and how you’re going to get there.  

Know your audience  

Before deciding on how best to deliver your campaign, its key to establish who you want to receive and action it.  

Take some time to decide who you want this campaign to reach, for example, if you’re targeting students, include messages such as convenient and cost-effective and know the best ways to reach them. With students currently advised to stay in their rooms/dorms, you can expect high levels of activity on social media, such as Instagram, as well as tabloid news pages like The Sun, so include these areas in your plan.   

Do your research  

With UK restrictions and updates changing so rapidly, its vital that you do your research and find the best way to not only reach your chosen audience but also what shopping behaviours you can expect.  

Find the optimum revenue stream for your product and focus your communications on these areas whether it’s launching in a popular magazine, targeted social media ads or utilising an influencer to help raise awareness and drive website traffic. Reviewing the success of previous campaign strategies will help ensure your next one performs even better. 

It’s also key to research the media and topics of conversation, what do people want to hear or see in 2021? Many adapted their products and offerings in 2020 as Covid-19 was the most searched and read topic, but are we seeing consumers shift away from this and opt for new non Covid-related products? 

What can your product do, what are the benefits and USPs, and why should people buy it – these are all questions that need to be addressed in order to build an effective campaign 

Collaborating with an influencer or blogger is a great way to help maximise your campaign and reach your desired audience. Influencers are constantly engaging with consumers and know exactly what they want and what they’re looking for, especially in this current climate.  

Narrow down your search by looking for bloggers within your audience demographic and your chosen social media platform. Review the type of content they regularly post, their previous brand partnerships and decide if their persona, image and messaging fits with yours – you can trial Social Bakers’ influencer marketing platform to help filter your search.  

Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose  

A consumer PR campaign is not always about generating lots of content, instead create a press release with an impactful hook and messaging and repurpose it. Repurpose into blog posts, web articles, social media posts and adverts. You can save time on drafting content and focus on journalist relationships and gaining great results.  

While these tips will help to maximise your consumer PR campaign, one thing that can’t always be predicted is shopping habits. With Google searches, shopping pages and social media levels expected to be high during lockdown, think about how you can adapt your products or offerings or even create a new developmenwhere there is currently a gap in the market. 

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